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“Herd Yoga”

The word “yoga” means to yoke or to unite. Our goal is to be in the present moment, to find balance, a calmer mind and unite with ourselves and with the energy around us. Yoga is the practice to achieve that and here we are assisted by the presence of horses who are specialist of the non-verbal language and of life in the present moment. Many of the fundamental principles of yoga are alike the ways of life of the horses. Yoga is a complete discipline to balance body and mind. This practice will develop your self-confidence, your intuition, your connection to yourself and your awareness. The practice of the asanas ( postures) along with pranayama practices ( breath work) allows to work body’s mobility, balance, strength, endurance and flexibility and also aims to calm the mind by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. This yoga class amongst horses in this enchanting place can be an inspiring and transformative experience.

*This class is for everyone, all ages, all levels ( exception pregnant women)
Wednesdays 5h15 to 6h30pm
Sundays 9h15 to 10h30am
From June 9th to September 1st 2021

Drop-in: 25$
5 classes: 100$
10 classes: 175$

* 40% off for Fusion Air’s pensionnaires
* 20% off for Fusion Air’s clients

Know more…
We begin with a guided walk across the ranch toward the location of the class. Inspired by a few forms of Hatha Yoga. “Ha” means the sun and “tha” means the moon. Krishnamacharya is one of the styles proposed in this class which principles are “Sthira” ( stability) and “Sukham” ( ease). We are invited here to change posture whenever we feel pain or tension and flow in our own rhythm guided by the breath. Vinyasa is the second form of yoga taught in this class. “Vi” which means in a special way and “Nyasa” which means to place therefore we practice the posture in a fluid sequence always guided by our breath and paying attention to different parts of the body. Finally, inspired by Tantra Hatha Yoga, we will hold certain asanas several minutes to allow time for the mind to settle.Overall, this class aims for us to feel calm, anchored and vitalized.

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Yoga for Riders

In both the classes and workshops offered, we learn some of the fondamental principals of yoga and apply them to our horsemanship. Yoga prepares the rider to be more receptive to the horse and to integrate the teachings of his equestrian coach. As a rider we want to improve our overall movement; our strength, mobility, flexibility and to become lighter. We also want our minds to be calmer, clearer and to be more aware to our horse and ourselves and we do that with breath and concentration work. The practice of yoga invites us to empty the mind and to connect with our own energy and the energy all around.
Yoga for Riders Class
This 45 minutes class is for riders of all levels and aims to help them work with better awareness and finesse and to prepare the body and help it recuperate better. The work on the yoga mat includes breath work, a short meditation and specific postures that aim to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, to develop flexibility, to loosen the pelvis, to open the shoulders and to reinforce the confidence of the rider.

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Yoga for Riders Fusion workshop:

Following the work on the yoga mat with ourselves, we then bring in our horses. In their presence we practice specifics postures and breath work. The horse is immobile and we practice standing beside him keeping a permanent contact with either our touch or our sight. The horse’s relaxation mirrors our ability to let go and relax. Depending on the development of the riders during and over the workshops, we continue with postures and breathing done on a still horse. Here, half of the participants are leaders and the other half are on the horse. We then move towards a practice where the horse is lunged in a walk and where the rider practices in the feeling of his mount.

* This workshop is for intermediate riders and exclusif to Fusion Air’s pensionnaires and client

Sundays June 13th, July 4th and 25th 2021
12h30 to 3pm

75$ each
* The first workshop is required in order to attend the second and third one.

Know more:
Yoga allows a very subtle knowledge of the body; anatomy, coordination of movements, breathing, play of muscular forces, balance, etc.) which is invaluable as much in the learning of a specific sport as in all kinds of activities, but also demanding as is horse riding.
“The spine and the brain are the altars of God” Paramahamsa Yogananda.
Yoga in motion is always initiated by the spine in its 8 optimal directions. The practice of asanas (postures) conditions the intervertebral discs and improves the general health of the spine and therefore of the central nervous system.
The yoga approach taught is Hatha and Vinyasa style where we practice, always guided by the breath, postures at a more or less slow pace, while respecting our bodily limits.

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