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(The below testimonials have been translated from their original French)

Cassandra Lalande, student ,March 11, 2016

At nine years old, my mother heard about the benefits of zootherapy for children with ADHD and contacted Fusion’Air about horseback riding lessons. Stéphany`s coaching helped me make amazing progress. After six months of courses my medication was cut in half and after a year I was off the medications completely! Horseback riding allowed me to dream, to build goals and to work hard to overcome. I learned about having sense of responsibility, about staying calm even when I`m scared, and to focus on her voice which guided me through many challenges. I learned to be aware of what was around me, to really feel my horse and to work as a team with him. I built up my self-confidence and little by little learnt to manage my panic attacks. Now I know that I have all of the tools necessary to be happy! I just need to swing by the barn to get in touch with my inner peace.

Stewart Henderson, Boarder, February 2016

Fusion’Air combines the best in conviviality and informality of a family business with the highest standards for care and training of a recognized equestrian establishment. Stéphany Carle considers the horse and rider as a team, where each must understand and appreciate the other. This allows for a very complete program of training and instruction, personalized, successful and stress-free. The level of care afforded to the horses boarded at Fusion’Air reflects Stéphany’s impressive knowledge of horsemanship, and her perspective on the equestrian world is as safe and natural as possible. With personalized feeding regimes, daily visual inspections and constant communication with the horse’s owners, she offers a very high level of comfort.

Jessica Sigouin, student, February 2016

When I was nine years old I had a lot of trouble trusting horses after a small accident when I was younger. My mother signed me up for classes at Fusion’Air. I learned about the horse’s communication and body language before climbing on the horse. With Wicca it was really difficult to build my confidence with her. As soon as she started trotting, I would grab on to her neck, crying. Stéphany helped me to see how horses are worthy of my confidence and I finally was able to ride normally again. She taught me how to have complete confidence in myself and the horse, so the two can ride as one. By the summer of 2015 I had improved a lot and was even jumping obstacles. That is how I realized how much Stéphany has the golden touch, is very advanced and knows about different kinds of horseback riding. The barn is like a second home to me, the best place to go to breathe fresh air and commune with nature. I feel at home here, with special people and a great energy. I hope to continue riding here for a long time and become a great rider thanks to Stéphany.

Marie Duceppe, dit Maribou, student, June 2014

In June 2010 I was looking for a good horseback riding instructor. My teacher had to be an educator, a psychologist, because the art of teaching is not given to everyone. I found this exceptional trainer in Stéphany Carle at the Fusion’Air Equestrian Academy. Not only her knowledge of the subject matter, her program, not only her generosity, she has the patience of an angel, because teaching a 70 year old student is not easy, believe me. While staying serious, Stéphany does not hesitate to laugh, to smile, especially to reassure her student. What impressed me the most about her as a teacher is her teaching style. She will always find a way to communicate the movement that is required. And going for a trail ride with her is a real treat!

In short, for me, Fusion’Air Equestrian Academy is more than a riding school: it is my family. I am always excited to go back. Thank you Stéphany for your dedication, for everything you bring to me. You will always be in my heart. Thank you for helping me to realize my dream.

Karine Savoie, student and horse camping client, September 15, 2013

A million thanks for your warm hospitality, Fly and I were treated like princesses!!! Vacations with my mare surpassed my expectations. EVERYTHING was well organized; the trails, the meals…a true expedition orchestrated for success! The only downside was that we had to leave, which was so hard because we felt at home at Fusion’Air Equestrian Academy!

Cassandra Lalande, student, ,March 11, 2016

-Josée Lemonde, horse camping client, July 29 to August 1, 2013

Dear Stéphany, Thank you for your good mood, your energy and your love of life. Your presence was inspiring, your trails are very pretty and studded with challenges. SUPER

Ginette Leclerc, Student, March 2007

Stéphany: warm, very motivating, rhythmic, effective, she sees all with or without her camera…at times a magician…demanding and very devoted; in short, I can`t wait for my classes to start again. I really liked your website and your video montage. I think you work very professionally and hope that your projects complete you.

Normand Léveillé, horse training client, October 2006

A disciplined trainer, focussed on her program, attentive to the horse as much as the rider, intense, generous, dynamic. With a teacher like that progress is stimulating.

Joanne Lavoie, horse training client, August 2006

My name is `Honey Bunny` I am a two year old apprentice mare, after a month and a half, thanks to Stéphany, I can talk about what I`ve learned! As a rider looking for regularized gaits, Stéphany knows what she is talking about. Ground work and getting saddled up, I will be more at ease from now on! Now that I have worked with Stéphany, I feel bad that I didn`t know what respect was before. A thousand thanks to my friend, thank you for giving me so much of your energy, and believe me, you can`t put a price on that! I speak on behalf on my owner, she must be proud that she chose Fusion’Air Equestrian Academy!
Thank you!
Best of luck with all of your projects!

Tami Corsi, Newtown CT, USA

I had been taking lessons in the States for a while so when we went on Vacation it felt like something was missing. We found Fusion’Air with ease and were greeted by Stephany at the barn. I felt very welcome and at home. The lesson was accommodated within our busy schedule. The lesson was instructed phenomenally and I definitely had something to take back to my farm in Conneticut.

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