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Fusion’Air Equestrian Academy offers training for horses of all levels, whether starting a horse, refining techniques or correcting specific issues. The focus may be on Western, Classical or Trail Riding, or single horse harness driving.

Catered to the needs of the horse and rider, we have the experience to take the horse through all of the steps necessary to make measurable progress. Without creating unnecessary conflict with the horse, we will impose a structure necessary to gain the horse’s respect and build the listening skills and confidence which are indispensable for having a good working relationship with the rider. In our hands, even wild horses open up to show the rare pearls inside. By building their self-confidence and guiding them to show their best qualities, they will learn to engage their riders in a beautiful dance.

Training is also available at a location of your choice where facilities exist.

• ‘Teflon’ training with obstacles, T.R.E.C. and trail rides
• Starting young horses
• Ground work
• Starting harness horses in winter
• Correcting specific issues
• Special monthly rates with board

Rates include a complete boarding package and training sessions five days a week.

Contact info
312 ch. du Lac-à-la-Loutre, Huberdeau, Qc
(819) 687-3139