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Stéphany Carle

Owner, trainer, coach and employee

From a family of horse people, Stéphany`s great grandfather was a horse trader and her two grandfathers were a farrier and a harness racer. Her passion for horses is well anchored and combined with a wide vision of the equestrian world. Since a very young age her dream was to have her own horses at her own ranch where she could share her passion for horsemanship. She opened her riding school in 2004 in a shared space, and in 2006 found the perfect place to build her ranch in Huberdeau, QC. For many years the project involved recycling materials, renovating, building, shoveling and sowing the seeds for her dream.

Over the years Stéphany has played many different roles on the farm. She has honed her craft with training in Quebec, in France, in North Carolina and in Australia. She had refined her techniques of management and maintenance of the ranch as much as training and teaching with horses. Her vision has been influenced by Monte Foreman, John Lyons, Sally Swift, Stéphane Bigo, Jean de Chatillion, Michel Ladouceur and many others.

Furthermore, having been attracted by First Nations techniques and healing horses with medicinal herbs, she planted a garden at the Academy.

Horses are considered by many cultures to be a connection with the gods. Stéphany sees the horse as a connection with the divine within herself, a link which is grounding and encourages a privileged relationship with nature. While technique is important, feeling is too!

Here is a list of programs which Stéphany has taught and even created over the years:

• Equestrian First Aid and Emergency response
• Stable Management 1-2-3
• Healing Horses with herbs
• Healing with Clay
• Initiation to T.R.E.C
• Orientation and Topography
• Initiation to Driving Techniques
• Initiation to Horse Jumping
• Ground work 1-2-3
• Equestrian Choreography
• Certifications for Trail Riders
• Coaching for Instructors

Our Instructors

Karine Savoie

Karine SavoieKarine’s style of teaching well reflects her personality which is playful, positive and always in good spirits! It’s important to her that her students have fun while learning. Wether teaching kids with games or adults with more relaxing and/or breathing techniques as well as music, Karine believes one can learn better while being calm, relaxed and confident. Karine is passionate about horses and horseback riding but also genuinely loves human beings and to help them grow. You will surely develop into a great rider with her as well as have a really fun time!

Michèle Paul, Yoga Instructor

Michèle PaulMichele is a dynamic life enthusiast that grew up figure skating and horseback
riding. She combined her various interests, accumulated great knowledge and
certifications along the way and became a versatile performer, instructor and artist.

For the past14 years, Michele has been working as a professional dancer, actor, singer and presenter as well as a fitness and dance instructor. Her teachings build on various on and off stages experiences she gained while traveling in different parts of the world. Always passionate and engaged in communicating with people through movement and language, her past roles as ambassador, emcee and teacher let her to understand ways to reach audiences, share and connect with people with truthful messages. Michele started practicing the asanas ( postures) of yoga through dance classes and studied health and nutrition long before she really discovered and dived into the spiritual practice of yoga in 2012. What she found was that her meditation and yoga practice proved to be transformative and of great help in the most challenging times. Michele is an avid yogi, a certified yoga teacher and believes that yoga is what brings a great sense of balance into her life.

As of last year, she traded her dance shoes for cowboy boots and connected with her childhood passions; horses and nature. She is now working with, and learning everything about horses at Academie Équestre Fusion’Air with owner Stephany Carle. Michele is truly excited for this opportunity and happy to introduce Herd Yoga and Yoga for Riders at this special ranch in the Laurentians and share the benefits of this truly beautiful practice that is yoga.

Meet Our Horses

Sheyla lou Bar

Sheyla lou BarTeaching students since our doors opened in 2004, “Loulou” is the matron of our school. A Quarter Horse mare standing 15h1, she was born January 8 1996 with an ashen palomino coat. Expressive and generous, she possesses a lively gait and remarkable endurance. Certified Level IV Western, she excels at jumping and is our harness horse of choice for ploughing our winter trails.


WiccaBorn May 1 2004, Wicca is a certified Level IV tobiano paint mare standing 15h2. Her temperament is calm and giving, her gentleness and comfortable gait make her a rare pearl. She has many talents, particularly in T.R.E.C obstacles, western riding and harnessing. Riders easily fall for her charms.

Reba “They Don’t Impress Me Much”

RebaStanding 15 hands, Reba is also a tobiano paint mare. Affectionate and calm, she will help you discover western riding while cradled in her gentle gait. Certified Level IV, Reba excels in ‘plaisance,’ western obstacles and T.R.E.C.


AthénasTranslation coming soon! Jument croisée Ardennais et Canadien de 14m3, elle est née le 5 juillet 2012. Elle possède des allures vives et aime beaucoup travailler. Affectueuse, elle adore les enfants. Elle connaît les manœuvre jusqu’au cavalier IV et possède une endurance remarquable.

Vigilmar Tenacious

Vigilmar TenaciousThis bay Morgan gelding of 15h was born February 23, 2009. Gifted with a magnificent presence, he is comfortable and refined, with plenty of endurance. Sensitive and affectionate, he is light, sure-footed and eager to please.

Ziggy Stardust

Ziggy StardustFebruary 19, 2016 we saw our first foal born here at the Fusion’Air Equestrian Academy, Ziggy Stardust. Born to a Paint mare, Sasha and a sired by a Shire, he was blessed with a combative and playful nature. In good health, he made his first steps in the snow. Click here to see a video of Ziggy


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